Monday, August 30, 2010

iPad Class 2, August 26th

  • I noticed in class the other day that everyone still brought the iPads to class.  Secondly, my scanning of the room showed that at least 10 or more students were actively typing using proper technique (i.e. no 2-finger hunting/pecking) which surprised me.  I personally have not found the iPad to be a great typing device.
  • I also noticed that students were grabbing my slides from Dropbox and following along with the presentation.  This might be nice in some classes, but I personally don't like this since I also ask questions and have the answers on the slides.  In the past very few of my students printed out the slides prior to class so I didn't have this issue.  The easy fix for this is that I have taken my slides off Dropbox and will place them there one at a time AFTER the class period ends.  

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