Monday, August 30, 2010

Interesting uses for the iPad we weren't anticipating

  • I started sharing audio clips and videos through Dropbox.  Makes it very easy for the students to listen to something at their convenience rather than spending class time on it.
  • I also think that I'm getting more participation simply because of the ubiquity of the iPad.  For example, when I put an audio clip in Dropbox, the students immediately had access to it and were notified that it was available.  I made it available about 3 hours before class meets and I took an informal poll of the students asking who had listened to it and a significant number had (and I know many of them have classes all morning, right up to my class).  In the past when I emailed a link, I am quite certain that very few students clicked the link and I'm sure that a 3 hr notice would not have provided the opportunity for them to be at a PC/Mac to listen to it.  The iPad is very helpful in that way.  The same should be true with videos even though I haven't tried that yet.   

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