Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Class 3, Aug 31

After the news crew left (yea, this class has been getting a lot of media coverage), I noticed that approximately half the class was typing (80%) and freehand writing (20%) on the iPad as I was lecturing.  I stopped class and asked what they were doing and the vast majority turned their screens around and showed me that they were taking notes.  Some were using Evernote, some Apple Notes, and most Sundry.  Of course a few students sheepishly hid their screens so I can only assume they were doing something 'less productive' with the iPads - but that happened with laptops and cell phones too.  What's interesting is that I didn't see anyone taking notes on paper...

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  1. Thanks for posting your ongoing experience of the introduction of iPads in your Project Management class. I look forward to reading about the teaching/learning experience as the semester progresses.