Friday, September 3, 2010

From the mouths of my students...

(Student D) Taking some notes and writing high in the sky during a quick trip to NYC. I find that typing on the iPad is best achieved with the right hand in a slightly less than conventional position, slightly cocked to the left with the pinky raised and the first three fingers doing the majority of the typing.

Although that is a bit personal to be everyone's cup of tea, it is worth trying - keeping the hands a bit more elevated and not resting on the keypad in general is a great start.  After writing a couple of lengthy emails I am finding the typing much easier. 

On another note we need to think of the iPad in a different context then what we might be most familiar with.  We do not have a desktop, there is no copying files there and dropping them in an email or wherever, we have to work within the constraints that are presented by apps intertwined like a web.  I can type this note in 'Notes' and export this or send it to an email account.  What else do we think we should be able to do, possible tie this into 'Dropbox'? I think so.  Or perhaps a repository app that acts as a desktop able to pull a picture or attachment from any location and tie back into any other, think of that as a crossroads for the web of apps and the attachments as a highway.  These are some simple concepts to keep in mind.  The iPad is made up of thousands of apps that constitute functionality, cross functionality is where we find true productivity, remove the barriers, link the information, and we have a powerful tool.
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