Saturday, September 4, 2010

Student feedback

We launched the second survey to the students yesterday. I will be posting some results from the first 'pre-launch' survey over the next few days. For anyone that is interested, I'm drawing heavily from Venkatesh et al 2003 UTAUT model of technology adoption and use. Venki was one of my profs in grad school and UTAUT is highly applicable to the work we are doing.

While the 1st survey was focused on intentions and general feelings about the iPad and eReading, the second is more focused on actual use behavior and feelings about the iPad after having spent a couple weeks with it.

I just skimmed some of the responses from both surveys and the takeaway from survey 1 is that the students are really excited about getting the iPads and almost everyone thinks they will use the iPads very frequently for reading the eTextbook and pdfs. I bring this up because no one really mentioned anything about the 'other' uses for the iPad. In the 2nd survey, nearly everyone commented that they are using the iPads for lots of other things like checking email, surfing the web, and 'staying connected'. Without formally analyzing the data, it appears that some students are 'getting used' to reading the eText, some like it that the always have the ebook with them, and others are struggling - primarily because the highlighting and annotating are still quite cumbersome. Finally, a few simply don't like reading a screen. The recent update by CourseSmart was an improvement but it's still not there yet.

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