Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tech support and other issues

There was some concern about the potential for added burden on the IT depts on campus relative to supporting the iPad pilot. We were also not sure how to handle breakage, loss, and other major technical issues (other than ordering some spares). Thus far we have not encountered any of these and I have not received any 'helpdesk' questions nor has the Office of IT. I have about 15 IT Managemeent students in this class (the rest are MGT Consulting and Entrepreneurship) so these students are probably more technical on average than the student body. When I run the statistics I'll have to run comparisons across Majors to see if there are any differences.

Finally, a few have asked how we distributed the iPads. We sent emails to the students beforre class began and scheduled a 'pick up' time range for the students. When the student arrived at our Academic Technology office, they presented aa student ID, signed a contract detailing intended uses, sat down with an IT person who loaded a predetermined template on the iPad, had the student sign in to their ND email account, and provided some basic instructions. It worked very well and the entire process took about 8-10 minutes per student.

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