Thursday, September 2, 2010

Starting to get some good student feedback

From student G: In ways I feel like an old dog. I am so tempted to print out the HBR article and use my highlighter because I've been taking notes like this my entire life! I know that using the iPad has so many more benefits than typical note taking but my old habits are harder to lose than I expected.

Here is an interesting one that shows how students are using the iPads and sharing technical information:

From student V: I figured out a way to Sync multiple Google Calendars into the iPad calendars application while talking with [student D]. Short version instructions: Sync the calendars either through a CALDAV server or through an exchange server, then go to to select the additional calendars. (for more detailed information, email me.

1 comment:

  1. To all students: Do not feel as though you must use the iPad to read articles (or the textbook for that matter). If you feel more comfortable reading on paper - do it! I will capture your behavior in the surveys I send so don't feel 'forced' to change your behavior.