Thursday, September 9, 2010

Interesting student comment

I walked into class the other day with a student who said, "I love it that my book bag is so light now."  I said something to the effect that our paperback textbook wasn't that heavy, it couldn't have made that much of a difference. 

She said, "No, it isn't the book - although the iPad is lighter - I don't bring my heavy laptop to campus anymore." 

I was not expecting the iPad to replace or substitute for laptops in any meaningful way prior to beginning this pilot study.  I also just received the results for the 2nd survey, which was given after 2 weeks of using the iPads, and I noticed at least 5-10 comments related to the iPad substituting for a laptop.  This was not a question we asked in the survey so it was surprising that so many students provided this unprompted comment in an open text field.  I will post results of the 2nd survey over the next few days. 

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