Monday, September 6, 2010

More student comments...

(Student V)  I agree about the typing. I use one or two fingers on my right hand and then three or four on my left. I think that if it were a little bigger and less cramped it might be easier to use, but it's surprisingly easy, I agree. 

I love the calendar layout on it. It has all the feel of a physical paper calendar that you can lift and flip through, but none of the clutter. And it's on your iPad as well as your computer and phone. Halfway through writing this I've switched to using the iPad from my computer and i actually think that I'm typing faster than I do normally on the computer, although less accurately. Maybe with time. The built in auto correct features also really help.  
I agree that we need to think of this in a different way, but it's also important that as a transitional function it can do things in ways that we're used to. For example, as paperless as it is, it would be phenomenal to be able to print things from the iPad-- there are times when you just need a paper copy, or it's not practical to carry the iPad around (for example if I need to print a coupon for something).

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  1. There are aps available that enable printing to network, wifi, or Bluetooth printers.