Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here are some open-ended student comments to the question....

What benefits do you see from using iPad?

Not having to carry around a textbook, better communication amongst the team, shared information

It's very convenient to carry around plus it makes you look tech savy

I think staying up to date on the most current technology is extremely important in this fast paced world.

If more classes adopted the ability to use this i probably wouldn't be carrying a backpack at all.

It is obviously helping avoid unnecessary paper waste, but it also opens up a lot of possible collaboration that didn't exist with the normal textbook set up. That is assuming that the software continues to progress at a rapid pace.

Instant information at your fingertips.

I am more organized and my backpack is certainly lighter since I dont need to carry my laptop and cord everywhere. I also LOVE the long battery life.

I carry it in my backpack instead of a heavy backpack and it is easy and fast to surf the net.

I have a PC so using the iPad has helped me get used to Macs more.


  1. Professor Angst, I find this blog quite interesting. Why not open up your research a bit to alumni also using iPads in the workplace? I purchased my iPad in July and find it very useful in and out of the office as well. John Owens ND Law class of 87.

  2. Hi John,
    Send me some interesting uses, Apps, or things you love/hate about the iPad and I'm more than happy to post them if they are relevant to either the business world or education.

  3. I have found the iPad to be a great e-reader as well as a very useful computing tool in the field.  In fact during meetings now, I rarely bring my laptop as I can take notes and check information directly on the go much quicker and easier than before. My favorite business apps include scratch work for reading on the web and taking notes; zumocast for checking files on my computer and downloading them to my iPad which works better than dropbox or iDisk; and I also like audiomemos  for recording meetings. 

  4. What I love about the iPad is the ability to take it with me pretty much wherever I go without needing to bring my laptop unless I need to make a presentation. At home, traveling in the field, or attending meetings I have not had to open up my laptop once since I got the iPad. I also like the 3G capability and the fact that it comes with a prepaid option for those of us who travel often. While prepaid micro sims are not usually available outside the US, you can easily cut a regular sim to fit in the micro sim slot and it works fine.

    I also love the fact that it makes reading a book, magazine, or newspaper so much easier. No need to flip through several pages to look for a story as you can now search for the news you want. Many newspapers and some magazines made for the iPad also come with imbedded videos which really bring the stories to life. I also enjoy twitter feeds from business colleagues on flipboard, which turns short tweets and their links into a full digital magazine.

    What I hope will be improved in the future: a decent built-in camera for video conferencing, multi-tasking (which is on it's way), and hopefully, the ability to make use of GPRS or EDGE when you are not in a 3G area. 3G can still be a priority but for those of us who live and work in the developing world, access to GPRS and EDGE via the micro sim would be very useful. I also hope we will be able to make presentations using the keynote app, while simultaneously viewing the presentations on the iPad.

  5. Thanks John,
    These are all great comments...and I've tried several of the apps you ref.

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