Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nice accessories

I've been using the Pogo Sketch stylus for the entire time I've had the iPad. I like the sketch very much but I accidentally purchased a different Pogo stylus (I didn't realize there were two) and the non-Sketch version is just too short for me so I cant hold it like a pencil. I also dont like it that it doesn't have a clip on it to hook it to a notebook or iPad case. I very much like the Sketch though. My only concern/question is how long the little sponge head will last. So far mine is going strong but I keep waiting for it to pop off (or one of my kids to bite it off).

I've also been using a tyPad case/keyoard combo. I, for one, am not proficient with the screen typing keyboard on the iPad and I felt I was underutilizing the iPad because of this. Since I got the tyPad I've completely abandoned the touch screen typing. It takes some getting used to transition from typing on a keyboard and touchiing buttons on the screen rather than clicking a mouse, but I'm getting more proficient. If the designers could just figure out a better place for the single and double quotation key, I'd be thrilled. I'm finding with certain accessories, the iPad is pushing the boundary of business computing. I would have loved one of these devices back in my travelling days.

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